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Lake Max Meadows does not provide wedding planning services. If you would like to elicit a wedding planner, please inquire, we have a few we love to work with!
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The name of the best person to contact during the wedding day (i.e. wedding planner, mother of the bride, etc.)
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At Lake Max Meadows, love is love. If you have chosen our venue for your same-sex wedding, please help us by selecting either "bride" or "groom" when providing your contact details. Thank you!
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On-Site Accommodations
Your package includes 2-nights accommodation in both the Lake Max Loft and The Studio. In addition, 3-parking passes.
The Ceremony Details
Ceremony Rehearsal Time
Ceremony Rehearsal Time
Takes place on Friday and only if the ceremony is taking place at Lake Max Meadows. Rehearsal must take place between 4-6pm.
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We encourage couples to consider a shuttle service to make use of our off-site parking to minimize vehicle traffic at the venue location.
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Please check all that apply, if your ceremony is on-site at Lake Max Meadows.
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How would you like the guest seating to be arranged at your ceremony?
Examples: What direction would you like your guest to face (North, South, East, West) Would you like us to cut the grass short or keep it tall? Will there be a rose-giving ceremony to honor the moms of the couple? Any special musical performances?
The Reception Details
Blue Boat Barn, The Big Red Barn, Outside Tent
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Reception Start Time:
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Reception End Time:
Noise Ordinance Time is 11:00 PM
Reminder, if your guest count is greater than 200, you will require a tent rental to accommodate additional seating OUTSIDE the Blue Boat Barn.
Please include dietary restrictions.
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When is the cake arriving?
When will the cake arrive (or cupcakes, etc.)?
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Escort Cards are essentially name cards to help with seating guest and/or knowing their food choice, if applicable. Please choose one of the following:
i.e. What are guest favors? Will guest favors will be at each table setting, Guest favors will be on a display table, etc.
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We do require our couples to obtain a 1-day wedding/special event insurance. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can help guide you. These policies typically cost <$200.
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Permissions to Share Your Real Wedding Story
We tremendously appreciate your choosing Lake Max Meadows for your special day. If you are comfortable, we would like to request the opportunity to share your wedding story with others. If you opt-out of sharing your story, we completely understand and respect this decision to keep your day private.
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